Image of Author IC Bailey [A Black man in glasses looks at the camera]
In 2012, author IC Bailey found himself distraught over the effects that racism had upon his life. Reckoning with childhood abuse at the hands of a cruel child welfare system, he spent his first 16 years under a torrent of racial, sexual, physical, and mental abuse. Looking for relief from this abuse, he began having conversations with the White People around him, allowing him keen insight into the White People and their culture of Whiteness.

What he did not find were any significant works sharing the perspectives of White people about the blood they had spilled and the systems they created. There were few examples of common dialogue between the oppressor and the oppressed. Conversations with White People: Dialogues About Race is the culmination of that journey to see fruitful dialogues between Black and White People. It is a truly revolutionary work.

The topics of these conversations are some real, exhausting bullshit for Black people. We have to survive the systems of racism and white supremacy, but we are also tasked with leading white people — who already have massive resources — to healthy behaviours so they won’t destroy us and our children.

IC Bailey

Author, Conversations with White People

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